Forever Headstone is a new method for honoring the memory of your loved ones.


What Is A Virtual Memorial… Create A Memorial…
A Virtual Memorial is an online memorial website that celebrates the personal life story of a departed loved one. Forever Headstone was founded in 2012 and hosts online memorial websites. If you are dealing with grief, the process of creating an online memorial can be hugely rewarding and often cathartic. It can be a journey through one of the most unique and powerful experiences you may engage in.

Forever Headstone Products

foreverheadstone qr plaque headstone

Forever Headstones products include both a stainless steel plaque that references your web site through its QR code and an intuitive set of tools to effectively help you create your online memorial.

Custom Routing Capabilities

custom routing forever headstone

Our QR Plaques can refer to flexible destinations. You can point your QR Plaque to,, or any other memorial website of your choice and the plaque destination can be changed to a new location at any time.

Many sites are available on the web for your use at low or no cost. For those that don’t have an online memorial, we offer a mobile-optimized website and companion administration tool to create your own customized Forever Headstone.

Personalize your Plaque

foreverheadstone custom plaque

For an additional fee, we can create a customized memorable website name, rather than a name made from cryptic id numbers that other sites require.

For example, what would normally be a site name such as:, can be customized to:, a much more meaningful reference.

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